Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are a Covid safe business and these are the safety precautions in place at CSP. Covid-19 has influenced how things are run at CSP. Consistency of care and patient/practitioner safety is first and foremost in our minds. There are several safety precautions that we have put in place to allow us to safely support our patients.
What are we doing at Cottesloe Sports Physio to keep us all safe?



Prior to Appointments

All patients are contacted prior to their appointment at the clinic via SMS, phone call or email. They are asked the following question:

• Are they experiencing any flu-like symptoms, including, but not limited to: Fever, sore throat, cough, aching body or a runny nose or have tested positive to Covid-19 or have been in close contact to someone with Covid-19.

• Disclose your vaccination status when making a booking (this will be then noted on our confidential medical notes database). This is to protect the immune compromised, exempted and unvaccinated clients who we kindly ask to wait outside or in their cars to avoid contact with other clients and staff.
We can also offer contactless pay option for these clients.

If the patient answers “Yes” to any of the above questions, they are not allowed to come into the practice and are offered the following options:

• An appointment via video consultation or phone consultation on the same date and time as their original appointment.

• To reschedule the appointment for a later date after their required isolation period and when they are no longer experiencing symptoms.

If the client answers “No” to the question above, they are fine to come into the clinic.


Appointments in the Clinics

At Cottesloe Sports Physiotherapy we are following all Australian Government & WA Health Guidelines to give our patients peace of mind when attending a face-to-face appointment.

• Only 2-3 clients in the waiting room at any time.
Additional clients will be asked to wait outside or in their cars. Reception will call the patient on their mobile device when it is time to go inside the clinic for the appointment.

• Sanitising clients’ hands on arrival.
All clients are asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival into the practice. When mandated we ask that they bring/wear a mask. If the client does not have a mask, they can request a disposable mask at reception.

• Regularly disinfecting waiting room and throughout the clinic.
This includes, but not limited to spraying hospital grade disinfectant in the waiting rooms, hallways and toilets. Wiping down chairs and hard surfaces with sanitiser/disinfectant, as well as any regularly used items

• Treatment rooms are disinfected before & after each client.
Every treatment room is disinfected before & after each session. This includes, but not limited to wiping down the treatment bed and spraying hospital grade disinfectant throughout the room.

• Linens have been removed from treatment beds, and patients asked to bring their own towel for treatment.
This ensures that we are able to completely clean the treatment bed surfaces between each client sessions.

• All equipment disinfected before and after each client.

• Safe distancing during treatment session.
When talking to the client we maintain a safe distance.

• Therapists maintaining strict hygiene protocols.
All CSP therapists have completed the Covid-19 Infection Control Training Course. Therapists are continually washing before and after each clients with soap and water, hand sanitiser and/or hand wipes, as well as following the advised guidelines for Allied Health.


Directions related to lockdowns

The Chief Health Officer (CHO) has approved the following for future lockdown Directions to allow for face-to-face consultations to occur with Registered Physiotherapists only for the following patients:

  • Essential Worker suffering from an acute condition that inhibits their ability to attend work as normal or complete the normal duties associated with their work.
  • Post Surgical patient who has been discharged from hospital in the previous 3-4 days where lack of face to face treatment could result in
    • Readmission to hospital; or
    • Post-operative complications; or
    • Suffering from uncontrolled acute pain;
      as directed by the treating specialist medical practitioner
  • An individual with a disability who without treatment would require increase care needs or hospitalisation
  • Post – natal women suffering from a condition associated with breast feeding, that limits their ability to care for their child or may result in hospital presentation (eg. mastitis).


What we are asking our patients to do:
  • Wear masks when mandated by the WA Government.
    Both the practitioner, the patient and any others on site are required by law to wear a mask.
  • Respect only 2-3 patients in the waiting room at any time.
    Additional patients will be asked to wait outside or in their cars. Reception will call patients on their mobile when it is time to go into the appointment.
  • Where possible, please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment.
    Unless a parent accompanying a child or assisting a client that requires additional help to attend, patients should attend their appointment on their own.
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water and/or sanitiser.
    The patient will be asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival into the practice. Please also sanitise hands after coughing or sneezing, before and after eating and after going to the toilet.
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or by coughing/sneezing into your elbow. Dispose of used tissues immediately and sanitize hands.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitisers, which are located throughout the clinic.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with others through touching, kissing, hugging, handshaking and other intimate contact.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.


We will continue to be guided by best practice policies as outlined by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Below is the link to current APA information.